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Women at the Heart of Leadership is a community created to foster a safe, co-creative environment within which women can discover their unique contribution to the world. Its aim is to create learning and support structures that will help women become powerful role models, balancing feminine principles, values and behaviours with those of the masculine.

WHL wanted to develop their own website using WordPress software but still needed some help with the graphic elements. They were looking for something feminine and expansive that expressed the dynamic growth and movement of the feminine principle.

We created a range of graphic elements including the header banner for the website and logos that will be rolled out as they reach stages in their development. We also created a pack of cards for them to use as tools in their workshops.

“Catriona is one of those creative Gems that every business should have. She has a rare way of understanding, seeing and visually distilling the essence of your message and creating magic with it on any page. Time and again she has helped us breakthrough our creative marketing challenges and mastered the expression of who we are”

Joey Walters | WHL