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ID creation | Website design

Kemplay Consulting is a boutique consultancy in the complex world of  international music copyright. They wanted an identity that was clean and understated, but also one that demonstrated the sophisticated level of expertise they had attained. They also wanted a website that reflected those ideals and transcended cultural boundaries.

We created a logo for them that brought together playing music together with keeping an eye on the industry, we brought together modern elements and the more traditional legal aspect in the serif form of the K and the British Racing Green.

Catriona did a fantastic job of crafting our corporate id and web presence. At first we were very sketchy about what would work for us and it was her gentle partnership approach that helped us to get clear. By the end I’d say she had an understanding of our business that rivalled our own. She is part consultant, part artist and part designer and all competitively priced.”


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