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Dancehammer build highly constructive cultures where people are encouraged and supported to be their best. They came to us looking for a visual identity that reflected their approach to the development of the individual and self-leadership within the workplace.

The intangible nature of their product meant imagery was key to the expression of their subtle art. We performed an extensive search for inspirational images that reflect the development of the human spirit and demonstrate that those qualities are as relevant in today’s workplace as they were when mankind first emerged.

Catriona did a fantastic job of crafting our corporate id and web presence. At first we were very sketchy about what would work for us and it was her gentle partnership approach that helped us to get clear. By the end I’d say she had an understanding of our business that rivalled our own. She is part consultant, part artist and part designer and all competitively priced.”

John Dickson | DANCEHAMMER

folio - Dancehammer